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Ballistic Software Projektil 2 Download Page
Version2.16  of January 8th, 2000

The ballistisc software "Projektil 2" calculates and shows the muzzle-energy in Joule or ft-lbs, the IPSC-factor or the MIP (a german energy-factor for practitcal pistol) after the input of bullet weight (gram or grain) and muzzle-velocity. (m/sek or ft/sek) After the input of the bullet-diameter Projektil 2 shows the thicknes of steel, a spizer fmj-bullet of the given size and energy would just penetrate.
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In it's ballistical "departement" Projektil 2 calculates the trajectory of a bullet with the data given above plus input (or estimation) of the ballistic coefficient, start and end of the range and the distance where the bullet should fall back to zero-elevation.The trajectory data can be dispayed as a scedule and in graphics.

The data can be copied into the windows clipboard and pasted into other software for further treatment and/or printing.

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"Projektil 2" might be useful for all who reload and measure and for everyone who is not only interested in a high presicion but in the ballistic properties of amunition.

Klick here for download. This will lead to the transmission of a ZIP-file with the size of 376 KB. The files enclosed can be copied in a directory. The program is started by calling or double-klicking the file PROJEKTL.EXE . Projektil 2 is freeware. It may be copied and given to others only uncnanged and including all files. Every user nevertheless may (and should) give a donation he/she finds adequate.

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